Spoek and Sibot, Paris

Street People - Paris
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Spoek 22, Rapdancer at Playdoe

Hoodie: Crazy Cloud
Pants: from Johannisburg
Glasses: Claudio Calatti
Shoes: VOX

Sibot 27, DJ / Producer Playdoe

Jacket: Nike
Jacket below & Shoes: Adidas
Shirt: Mutheerland / South-Africa
Pants: Levi’s
Glasses: Cazaf
Watch: Casio
Cap: Vintage

»We’re finding it hard to relax in Paris. The city is overpopulated and what also disturbs us is the surveillance by the police and the state. The food isn’t too exciting either. You can only eat really well here if you’re rich. The one thing I have to give the French is their cheese. It really is fantastic.«

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