Robert, Leipzig


29, Photographer

Shirt: Junk Deluxe
Jacket: Eddy's Jackets
Pants: H&M

»Leipzig’s scene is always pretty lively and happening and influenced by different cultural streams that come together here. Especially in the summer when there are lots of open-air events.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Ralf, Leipzig


27, Student Photography

Pullover & Pants: Benetton
Shoes: Adidas

»Apart from Berlin, Leipzig is definitely the most interesting city in Eastern Germany. I think it’s brilliant that it’s all so relaxed here, like a big family where you’re always bumping into the same people over and over again.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Markus, Leipzig


23, Cook

Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt & Pants: H&M
Leather jacket: Humana
Shoes: Weekday / Stockholm
Scarf: Miss Hippie
Bag: found item

»I come from the Westerwald and have been living in Leipzig for a year now. Before that I was here for four days for a visit and fell in love with the city straight away because the people are so open-hearted and warm.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Joerg, Leipzig


25, Graphic Designer

Pullover & Jacket: P&C
Pants: H&M
Belt: Devil Connection
Shoes: from Italy

»I came here to study and after that just ended up staying. Originally I come from Mühlhausen in Thuringia but there’s not much happening there. In Leipzig there is more perspective and I feel really happy her.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Clemens and Marie, Leipzig


Clemens 24, Student Engineering

Pullover: Nike
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Adidas
Scarf: Emilio Vincenti
Cap: Okapi

»Especially in Plagwitz the architecture is really interesting. It’s a good thing that they didn’t just renovate the buildings in a dull way. Instead there’s been an attempt to use the potential that’s there much more imaginatively. For example by incorporating the canals.«

Marie 24, Student Arts

Jacket: Vintage
Pants: Killah Babe
Shoes: Springcourt
Bag & Hat: H&M
Scarf: from Mexiko

»I am just visiting, because I was at a good party yesterday. Before I moved to Berlin I thought about moving here because it’s so much more rough and ready. But at the end of the day the city is just too small for me.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Coque, Leipzig


32, Designer Graphic & Web

Pullover: Luxoir
Pants: Levi's
Shoes: Vans

»Here in Schleußig a scene is growing that is characterised by freedom and plenty of cultural interest, but is less leftwing-alternative than in Connewitz.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Iris, Leipzig


38, Shop Owner

Dress: Skunkfunk
Stockings: Fogal
Trenchcoat: Secondhand
Shoes: Yves

»What I particularly like about Leipzig is the collective experimental spirit. You can try something and fail without being judged for it. People here are simply open, interested and down-to-earth. Nevertheless, every now and again you are accused of doing or suggesting things that are typically ‘West German’, for example if I talk about strategic market ideas in terms of my business.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Salome, Leipzig


28, Designer

Top: Synthiekate
Pants: Aca Joe
Boots: Roland

»People from Leipzig are more practical when it comes to fashion. You have to look pretty hard to find truly innovative clothing«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Sebastian, Leipzig


29, Graphic Designer

Jacket: Ezekiel
Pants: Nudie
Shoes: Converse
Hat: Dust Productions

»I was born and bred in Leipzig, but live in Cologne now. I do still always like coming home though. Especially because this is where my parents and a few good friends live, but also because it’s exciting and interesting to see how the city is developing.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007 Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Siri and William, Leipzig


Siri 59, Shop Owner

Pullover: Vintage
Skirt: Sweet Valley
Boots: Vintage

»I love petticoats skirts, furs and handbags from the fifties. I also like the styles my daughters wear.«

William 59, Shop Owner

Outfit: Vintage
Shoes: Dr. Martens

»Leipzig is a small city with a big atmosphere. The only thing missing is a big river.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Steve, Leipzig


19, Seller in a Skateshop

Sweatshirt: Ezekiel
Pants: Levi's
Jacket: Mazine
Sneakers: Vans
Belt: Volcom
Hat: Nixon

»My favourite part of town is Connewitz, the best place for shopping, eating out and meeting up for a drink or two.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig

Uwe-Karsten, Leipzig


44, Gallery Owner and Artist

Outfit: Adidas

»The scene here is very fluid and varied but still small enough to be intimate. Specifically for my project, I’ve often received financial support and helping hands from local artists I am friends with. This shows that people here are genuinely interested in one another.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2007, Leipzig
Category: Leipzig
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