Silvia, Madrid


31, Psychologist

Jacket Bench
Shirt H&M
Stockings Skunkfunk
Boots From Italy
Scarf From the market
Bag Femisa Objetos Perdidos

»There are plenty of well-dressed people here – especially on the nightlife scene. I like that!«

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Category: Madrid

Vanessa, Madrid


33, Sales Assistant

T-shirt, pants & cardigan Isabel Marant
Shoes Vans

»Madrid used to be very traditional and elegant – nowadays the fashion is a lot more relaxed and casual.«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Tove & Silas, Madrid


31, Photographer

Shirt COS
Pants Vintage Jil Sander
Coat Vintage Céline
Boots Isabel Marant

»I love the older ladies, dressed really classically from head to toe. You don't see that so often in Northern Europe.«

27, Dancer

Jacket Marc Jacobs
Pullover American Apparel
Pants Acne
Trainers Nike
Scarf Vintage Armani
Sunglasses Dries van Noten

»People here like to look rich – and even manage that when they are dressed in clothes from Zara!«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Maria-Rosario, Madrid


24, Student

Jacket & Cardigan Zara
Dress H&M
Pants Space
Shoes ASOS
Scarf Alexander McQueen
Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs
Ring From Naples

»I come from Italy, and I am surprised at how different and how much more relaxed everything is here when it comes to fashion!«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Carla, Madrid


34, Bag Designer

Coat & Pants Topshop
Shoes Zara
Bag La Carola

»You can find any kind of trend in Madrid!«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Serge & Alex, Madrid


35, Fashion Designer

Coat & T-shirt Burberry
Trousers Jean Paul Gaultier
Shoes Vivienne Westwood
Bag Burberry Prorsum

23, Sales Assistant

Raincoat Comme des Garçons
Jacket Levi's Red
Trousers Gareth Pugh
Boots Burberry
Bag Jean Paul Gaultier

»We come from Barcelona and are visiting friends in Madrid. Everything you can buy here you can also get in Barcelona!«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Martina, Madrid


32, Bartender

Jacket Pull & Bear
T-shirt My father's
Denim jacket, skirt & bag Zara
Necklace H&M
Ring Selfmade
Shoes Converse

»I come from Italy and enjoy the fact that Madrid is more cosmopolitan – there is more choice.«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Jesús, Madrid


31, Sales Assistant

Jacket & Shirt Zara
Pants Edwin
Shoes Car Shoe
Belt Gucci
Scarf & Rings Vintage
Glasses My father's

»The Madrilenians don't really pay much attention to labels. If your backside looks good in the trousers then who cares what the label says?!«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Christina, Madrid


33, Advertising Producer

Dress COS
Cardigan & Stockings H&M
Shoes Weo
Necklace A present

»Madrid isn't a fashion city, but because people from all over the world meet here, there's always a nice style mix.«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Cisco, Madrid


24, Student Architecture

Jacket, Hoodie & Pants H&M
Shoes Nike
Watch Clycine

»Compared to the rest of Europe, everything takes a little longer for things to catch on here – like the popular vintage look for example.«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Céline, Madrid


40, Shop Director

T-shirt Alexander Wang
Jacket Vintage Comme des Garçons
Pants Citizens of Humanity
Shoes Martin Margiela

»Madrid is really particular when it comes to fashion: people here aren't too keen on black – it's the colour we sell least of.«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid

Ariadna, Madrid


29, Stylist

Shirt Vintage
Pullover Mobo
Pants H&M
Stockings My grandma's
Shoes Nike
Necklace From my parents

»I originally come from Barcelona and I moved here for the music – there's more rock 'n' roll here!«

Tags: ISSUE 03/2012
Category: Madrid


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