Katalin, Vienna


41, Fashion Designer

Dress & Bag: Artista
T-Shirt: Palmers
Shoes: Vagabond
Bracelets: gift from my son
from Tokyo

»The Viennese are known for being conservative. I think that’s a bit exaggerated. My own label, Artista, is going really well here, and I meet a lot of daring people fashion-wise – surprisingly of all ages!«

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Category: Vienna

Barbara and Catharina, Vienna


Barbara 26, Curator

Blouse: Humana
Coat: Caritas
Pants: Vintage
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Chanel
Bag: from a market in Italy

Catharina 29, Art Student

Jacket, Shirt and Shoes: Vintage
Pants: H&M

»We´ve recently been seeing here how fashion and art are mutually enriching each other. We think that's a good thing!«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Sasha, Vienna


23, Business Administration Student

Dress: from NY
Coat: from my mother
Shoes: Iman
Bag: Mango
Glasses: Miu Miu

»I come from Russia and I like to see how carefree and impulsively the Viennese dress: they just wear whatever they like!«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Barbara, Vienna


29, Writer

Trenchcoat, Shoes & Stockings: H&M
T-Shirt: from my family

»From a fashion point of view, Vienna is remarkably unremarkable, but unfolds its charm when examined more closely!«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Daniel and Bernhard, Vienna


Daniel 20, Journalism & Art History Student

Jacket: Graffiti
T-Shirt: H&M
Pants: April 77
Necklace: Dior
Glasses: Marc Jacobs
Bracelets: from my family
Shoes: from my father

Bernhard 20, Architecture Student

Jacket: H&M
Pants: Zara
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Espandrillos
Ring: from a market
Glasses: H&M

»There’s great art to be found here and a good electronic music scene. But fashion gets a raw deal here.«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Sia, Vienna


27, IT Supervisor

Shirt: COS
Cardigan: Martin Margiela
Pants & Jacket: Acne
Boots: Hope
Bag: Prada
Glasses: Dita

»In the shops here you see a lot of black avant-garde clothes, but on the streets you hardly see anyone wearing them.«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Erika and Manuel, Vienna


Erika 18, Student

Outfit: H&M
Shoes: Miss Devil

Manuel 22, Art Student

Outfit: H&M
Shoes: Gallas

»Most of my fellow students in the photography class at the Academy of Applied Arts are very fashion conscious. Clothes aren't that important to me; I just like to wear dark things.«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Nedra and Anna Sophie, Vienna


Nedra 26, Fashion Design Student

T-Shirt, Pants, Shoes & Socks: H&M
Vest: Junya Watanabe
Bag: Vintage

Anna Sophie 21, Fashion Design Student

Coat: Vintage
Pullover: Mitika
Pants: Anna Sophie Berger
Sneakers: Adidas

»We both study with Bernhard Willhelm and love it. The lessons are really open and fun and we laugh a lot. Froma fashion perspective it’s also really enriching for the Viennese scene.«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Julia, Vienna


27, Art Student

Jacket: Plein Sud
T-Shirt & Pullover: COS
Pants: Acne
Scarf: Strenesse
Shoes: Zara
Glasses: Persol

»I find the fashion here too traditional: a little dress, jacket, necklace, tights and high heels. That's not my cup of tea.«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Carlotta, Vienna


23, Art History Student

?Dress: H&M
Bag: selfmade
Cardigan: COS
Stockings: Intimissimi
Sneakers: Ben Simon

»I think Vienna is a little bit provincial when it comes to fashion. But there are plenty of small designer labels that offer a good alternative to the expensive brands.«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Philipp and Romy, Vienna


Philipp 41, Art Director & Graphic Designer

Pullover: H&M
Jacket: DJlettantes
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Romy 31, Artist & Media Relations Executive

Jacket & Dress: Zara
Coat: H&M
Scarf: American Apparel
Shoes: No Name
Necklace: selfmade
Ring: Wood Wood
Bag: Vintage

»Vienna is doing quite well when it comes to fashion, not least due to my own label DJlettantes. The whole hype surrounding labels gets on our nerves; it just seems to make more sense to support young designers.«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna

Markus, Vienna


22, Fashion Design Student

Pullover: H&M
Pants: Diesel
Jacket: Selected
Watch: Casio
Shoes: Converse

»There’s plenty of potential here. Even the textile agents we work within our fashion class realise that the young Viennese fashion generation still has plenty of potential.«

Tags: ISSUE 3/2010, Vienna
Category: Vienna


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