Alexandra, Munich


31, TV Producer

Coat: Acne
Jacket: Barbara Kessels
T-Shirt: COS

»In terms of its people, Munich is just as conservative as Düsseldorf where I originally come from. But there are also relaxed, laid-back folk in both cities.«

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Category: Munich

Anka, Munich


40, Housewife

Blouse: HUGO
Skirt: Max Mara
Stockings: Wolford
Shoes: Bottega Veneta
Bag: Chloé
Glasses: Tod's

»The people of Munich are fashionable, but still somewhat conservative.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Joe and Vanessa, Munich


Joe 25, Student Graphic Design

T-shirt & Trousers: H&M
Belt: Hannes Roether
Watch: Tchibo
Patrick Muff
Rings & Bracelet:

»People here enjoy buying something that gives them a touch of daring now and again.I spent the past few years in London where people are a lot more open-minded when it comes to fashion and eagerly embrace new trends.«

Vanessa 35, Goldsmith

Pullover: Conan
Pants: Meltin'Pot
Shoes: Bally
Belt & Chain: Patrick Muff
Rings: selfmade

»There aren't that many interesting people in the city who put any thought into their outfits, but those who do all gather here, at Patrick Muff and at the other cool shops.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Gunnar, Munich


39, Journalist for Styleclicker

Shirt: Vintage Prada
Trousers: Emilio Chino
Shoes: Adidas
Hat: Vintage

»I am pleased that the designer who is currently attracting the most attention, Patrick Mohr, comes from Munich, and not from Berlin. Munich is not as bad as its reputation!«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Su, Munich


18, Student

Coat: Vintage René Lezard
Scarf: found
Necklace: Vintage
Pullover: Vintage Miss Astor
Jumpsuit: Topshop
Stockings: from Japan
Shoes: Tod's

»People here either make too much or too little effort with their outfits. You very rarely meet anyone who is free from fashionable dictates and dresses casually.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Katharina, Munich


36, Stylist

Jumpsuit: Haltbar
Shoes: Acne
from N.Y.

»What I think is great about Munich is the fact that lots of longestablished craftsmen still work here. Whether you want to have something made of leather, felt or wood – you can always find a specialist who masters traditional production methods.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Michael, Munich


20, Photographer

Outfit: Vintage
Glasses: Ray-Ban

»I've just arrived from Paris where even the badly dressed are better dressed than the normally dressed people here.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Eva and Pablo, Munich


Eva 18, Student

Leather Shorts: Kleidermarkt Berlin
Stockings: Wolford
Scarf: Galeries Lafayette
Shoes, Umbrella & Brooch: Vintage
Bag: Grandma

Pablo 21, Student

Coat: Burberry
Trousers: American Apparel
Shoes: Vintage
Hat: from Paris

»The people of Munich are chic, but not very eager to experiment with new things.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Amelie and Moritz, Munich


Amelie 17, Schoolgirl

Dress & Black Cardigan: H&M
Beige Cardigan: More&More
T-Shirt: Topshop
Scarf: Ischiko
Stockings: Kunert
Shoes & Jewellery: H&M
Bracelet & Bag: Primark

Moritz 19, Student

Shirt: Twenty One
Jacket: Primark
Cardigan & Pants: H&M
Shoes: Clarks

»Only very few people have an extreme style here. What is lacking here for me are stores like Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Weekday.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Stefan, Munich


35, Owner of Parke6

Sweater: Hannes Roether
Jacket: Zara
Pants & Shoes: Hope
Hat: Hurwundeki

»From a superficial point of view the people of Munich often look as if they've just leapt out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. But if you take a closer look then you'll see that a lot happens here. There are three to four good fashion schools and plenty of ambitious designers.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Steffi, Munich


28, PR at Campus by Marc O'Polo

Leather Jacket & Dress: Campus by Marc O'Polo
Cardigan: H&M
Hat: COS
Boots & Bag: Vintage

»Fashion is more relaxed in Munich than you think!«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich

Petra and Christian, Munich


Petra 37, Interior Designer

Jacket: Zara
T-Shirt: COS
Pants: Closed
Sneakers: Martin Margiela

Henri 7 months

Pants & Pullover: Ralph Lauren
Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger
Hat: Maxime

Christian 44, Architect

T-Shirt: Acne
Jacket: René Lezard
Pants: G-Star
Shoes: Dior
Bag: Bally

»In Munich you can buy every type of fashion, but unfortunately no one wears it! We were surprised that Martin Margiela chose to open his store here of all places.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2010, Munich
Category: Munich


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