Issue 2/2010
Styleguide Cape Town
Interview Adriano Goldschmied


It's not only us Germans, but also the South Africans who know a thing or two about how long it takes for political wounds to heal. 16 years after the end of Apartheid and the first general elections, social injustice has not been overcome by a long chalk. Yet there is a silver lining on the horizon: not only political, but also social progress is being made to reduce the gap between rich and poor on Africa's southernmost summit.

Playing a significant role in this are the local non-governmental organizations, NGOs for short – initiatives started up by the people, which function according to the principle of 'helping people to help themselves'. For example disused township land is transformed into cultivation areas for organic vegetables. Tourist tours into the poor outskirts lead to an increased willingness to make donations and help to dispel prejudices.

As far as child poverty is concerned, new approaches are also being taken: the non-profit organisation St. Peter's Child Care brings Aids orphans together with foster mothers and provides assistance with their education and upkeep. J'N'C-author Eva Westhoff has reported about the various activities of the association, which we would like to support with this issue.

And what else is at the foreground? Football of course! Cape Town photographer Adriaan Louw is also eagerly awaiting the World Cup – but certainly enjoyed the calm before the storm with us. No wonder, as the African metropolis is exciting enough even without a world sporting event to top it all off: from a township she been down to a beach villa, from the organic neighbourhood market down to the hip brewery – Cape Town offers a virtually unsurpassable spectrum of possibilities and is currently undergoing a rapid development, not least from a cultural point of view.

Just how creative the South Africans are is also proven by the illustrator and animation artist William Kentridge, who charmed J'N'C author Edgar Heinelt. Kentridge's art is currently being celebrated in New York's MoMa: you can read more about him on page 48.

Another big name, but from a different profession: Adriano Goldschmied. As co-founder of Diesel and Replay and already a legend in his lifetime, Goldschmied now lives in L.A., which is posing a brand new challenge for him. Our author Andreas Grüter talked to the 67-year-old pillar of jeans history about the early years, his concept of luxury and his new denim label Goldsign.

Other doyens, this time of art, were set in scene for us by Berlin photographer Christoph Voy. His illustrious group, which includes Picasso, Albrecht Dürer and Tamara Lempicka, awaits you from page 98.

We hope to have awoken your enthusiasm for fashion, travel and fine arts, and wish you all – whether you're here or in faraway Africa – an exciting start to the World Cup summer!

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Sam Bisso, Adriaan Louw, Maak Roberts, Christoph Voy, Andi Zimmermann, Kerstin zu Pan

Gisela Goppel, Roman Klonek

Nina Bemmann, Edgar Heinelt, Tana-Maria Schächtele, Eva Westhoff


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