Issue 2/2013
Styleguide Barcelona
Interview Pierre Morisset


Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg. This old saying dates back to a folktale, in which the owners of the fabled magic goose just couldn’t get enough. They kill the animal, in the hope of finding more gold inside, but end up with nothing at all.

It’s a story that the inhabitants of Barcelona seem to have taken to heart: despite the tourist hordes, the clever Barcelonans still prefer quality over quality when it comes to their pretty Mediterranean metropolis. Great little boutique hotels, meticulously designed restaurants serving creative cuisine and a great variety of up and coming shop projects that cater to every new niche market the economy throws at them: that’s the kind of gold the proud and hardworking Catalans know how to cultivate. To see how the Barcelonans are making the most of their golden goose despite the economic crisis, check out our city guide.

And even in the Netherlands, or to be more specific at the Amsterdam headquarters of G-star Raw, they’re not taking anything for granted. Despite living a bit of a fairytale existence for the past two decades, Jos van Tilburg and his Dutch team are treading extremely carefully where the image of their label is concerned. Popularity yes, but not of the bargain-basement variety please. Designer Pierre Morisset will not budge where this is concerned: he is the utopian, the free thinker, whose seemingly inexhaustible source of creative potential allows G-star to second-guess the taste of a broad spectrum of buyers without losing face amongst the opinion leaders. We met up with the communicative Frenchman in Berlin, where he enthused about his future visions in the fashion world – and even gave us a glimpse into his childhood. Get the lowdown on how an item in his dad’s garage influenced his career, as well as his views on the functionality of 3D design and his Toile de Chine inspiration.

Talking of communicative: did you know that your clothing can actually reveal your innermost thoughts, by means of its very own individual language? in ‘look Who’s Talking!’, writer Fredericke Winkler analyses its vocabulary for us, and shows what we can express with an outfit without even opening our mouths.
Our fashion also speaks for itself: stylist Josepha Rodriguez followed us to Barcelona where she gave the beautiful Patricia a springtime pastel look. Nadia Del Dò flew to quite different shores, namely to the east Coast in the US, where she photographed the fashion of tomorrow and beyond in New York. Berlin photographer Katharina Poblotzki headed to London, whilst her colleague Christoph Voy went go-karting in his neighbourhood Berlin-Neukölln.

Whether you are an opinion leader or more of a silent observer, a word-lover or an admirer of beautiful images: we hope you enjoy browsing the pages of this current issue!

 Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief



Sevda Albers, Rainer Rudolf Benoit/7daysisaweekend, Florian Danner, Nadia del Dò, Adriaan Louw, Katharina Poblotzki, Axel Siebmann, Ben Ullmann, Christoph Voy

Frauke Berg, Roman Klonek, Matthias Suess

Christine Albrecht, Jolien Deckers, Gerlind Hector GH, Svea Jörgens, Franziska Klün, Cheryll Mühlen, Eva Westhoff EW, Fredericke Winkler FW




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