Issue 4/2009
Styleguide London
Interview Bruno Pieters


‘In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.’ Albert Einstein knew that all too well. Although optimistic quotations and bonmots from the last century aren’t really our thing, preferring to let the living have their say instead, we have to agree with the genius on that count: optimism is the order of the day. Because: the crisis is one thing, but the fear of change, which paralyzes our ability to make decisions and makes us cling to old ways of doing things, is quite another.

A full year has passed since the world economy spiralled downward: the descent began in autumn 2008, taking many down on the way. After twelve months it seems timely to take stock: what were the positive aspects? What lessons were learned? Who managed, even in the depths of crisis, to yield growth? New ideas were the order of the day. More than ever, it seemed important to follow one’s own intuition, recognising needs and satisfying them. The innovative and flexible, those who listened and empathised, clearly had the edge.

That’s why we’ve chosen personalities who combine these attributes as the protagonists of this issue: the Belgian Bruno Pieters for example, who, with firmness and a great deal of sensitivity, has, over the past two years, succeeded in giving HUGO, Hugo Boss’ exclusive range, a new identity. And denim icon François Girbaud, who, despite his 40 years in business never tires of producing new innovations. Just like Miles Gray, CEO at Ben Sherman and the figurehead of the casual branch, who revealed his latest expansion plans in a refreshing chat in London.

And on the topic of London and expansion: although the British capital was far from spared by the repercussions of the crash, the optimism in the city, site of our current cityguide, remains undaunted. A substantial number of ambitious new building projects speak for themselves.

The intimate bond between fashion and architecture is posed in our article on the interlinking of the two disciplines, and is also proven by our fashion spread ‘Holy Mountain’ by Christoph Voy. The Berlin-based photographer shot our sculptural fashion, which, after the long wait for something avant-garde in cut and design, was refreshingly exhilarating. We hope you are willing to join us on our tours of discovery, to unknown shores, and wish you an inspiring read.

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Roman Goebel, Harald Popp, Andy Rumball, Christoph Voy, Andi Zimmermann

Frauke Berg, Roman Klonek

Nina Bemmann, Silke Bücker, Eva Westhoff


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