Issue 4/2010
Styleguide Munich
Interview Klaus Lohmeyer


On the lookout for inspiration and originality for this issue, as the summer drew to a close, we ended up in Munich, where they were celebrating the bicentenary of the Oktoberfest. But bicentenary or not: to our joy we had to recognise that the city on the banks of the Isar is so much more than just Oktoberfest, English Garden and Schwabing chic – and that it’s also a lot less sedate than its reputation. Fresh new retail concepts as well as the long-established traditional pubs around the Gärtnerplatz and in the Glockenbach and Schlachthof districts really impressed us and we soon realised that especially when it comes to fashion, Munich has so much more to offer than its posh reputation suggests.

Which is exactly what Klaus Lohmeyer thinks too and what inspires the owner of jewellery label Werkstatt:München in his work, as he revealed in an interview with us.

Munich is basically on our doorstep. That’s why we liked the idea of taking a look at the bigger picture for our brand features: at Peru Moda, which is the name of fashion week in Lima, J‘N’C editor Andreas Grüter found out about the creative energies of Latin American fashion designers. And The Brandery, Barcelona’s very own fashion trade show, was also worth another visit. After all, what could be more exciting than watching a fresh young trade show come of age?

One of the most important contemporary fashion metropolises, Stockholm, was also on the must-see list. There, we not only found a relaxed and ueber-styled fashion community, but also a local heroine, calling the tune in Scandinavia with her collection: Astrid Olsson, designer of the label Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. A good opportunity to get to the bottom of how fashionable avant-gardism and traditional craftsmanship can be so effortlessly reconciled. More on that from page 66.

J’N’C journalist, Fredericke Winkler has been thinking about fashion and sex, a longstanding hot match. Why the two get on so well and what textiles have to do with hormones can be discovered in our ‘Fashion and Sex’ report from page 60.

Fashion and sex in pictorial colour is also what you’ll find in our fashion shoots. Junichi Kikuchi took portraits of a both erotic and graceful answer to Grace Kelly in London, whilst Anouk Morgan shot pictures of two girls in New York who are so much more than just friends. And men and women alike will enjoy admiring the well-dressed Young Guns shot by Paris-based Wiebke Bosse in Berlin.

On that note we’d like to wish you a hot fashion autumn – and a cosy start to winter.

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Wiebke Bosse, Junichi Kikuchi, Anouk Morgan, Hans Joachim Schmidt, Bárbara Vidal, Erwin Wenzel, Andi Zimmermann

Roman Klonek, Vanessa Paulzen

Eva Westhoff, Fredericke Winkler


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