Issue 4/2016

Fashion Trends 2017, Guest Commentary by Christoph Stelzer from DFrost, Interview with Fabrice Aeberhard from Viu Eyewear, Tradeshow Preview & Denim Statements



Our last issue of 2016 is bringing a number of changes with it. This time it’s not a city that’s at the focus, but fashion and textile trends instead. So rather than a city guide, we’ve put together a trend guide to help you navigate your way through the jungle of collections out there. The increasingly complex world of fashion is demanding that we all have a better understanding of what’s going on – and that’s where we come in!

The ‘anything goes’ approach of the last few years is continuing unabated. After all, who wants to be restricted by the dictates of fashion if we can mix whatever styles and looks we want? That explains why today’s fashionistas change their look whenever the mood takes them: one day it could be a neoneo-Romantic vibe with exotic print suits, elaborate embroideries and opulent furs, as you can see in the ‘Bohème Galore’ section of our Trend Guide. And perhaps the next day futuristic-looking sportswear with brand new features in high-tech materials. Or even a ‘Retro Sport’ look, modelled on 30s-style tennis stars and also featured in our pick of the latest trends.

But despite the stylistic diversity, one thing has stayed the same: the penchant for referencing bygone decades. The last few seasons were dominated by the whole 1970s trend so it’s not really surprising that we’re now harking back to the 80s and 90s. This era was recently referenced for the hundredth time by Alessandro Michele for Gucci, yet interpreted more beautifully than ever before.

It was blatantly obvious that this couldn’t be topped. So the time has come for something new. Take for example Acne from Sweden, who were one of the first to showcase the voluminous oversized trend that originated in the 1980s. The collections by designer collective Vetements also feature XXL styles. Under the motto ‘Broad Shoulders’ we’re taking a closer look at this trend, which we think will be a major influence on the silhouettes of the next few seasons.

‘Big, bigger, beautiful’ is the name of the game. After years of figure-hugging styles, this is a look that our Central European tastes and sensibilities will have to get used to. But fortunately the portfolio also includes an old favourite: denim. In the omnipresent head-to-toe look, it’s currently taking the catwalks by storm. The indigo fabric is indispensable at the moment, which is why we also put together a panel of experts to discuss the topic. From page 80 you can find out all about the latest developments on the denim market.

And Gerlind Hector has researched what awaits you in the upcoming tradeshow season. Read her summary from page 46. Christoph Stelzer, manager of the Stuttgart agency for retail identity, DFROST, is sharing his opinion on the current retail situation – and banging the drum for store sharing. J’N’C author Cheryll Mühlen spoke to Fabrice Aeberhard, creative director of the young Swiss eyewear label Viu, which offers handmade designer glasses produced in Italy and Japan.

And last but not least, we’re not forgetting J’N’C’s leading lady – fashion herself. Valeria Mitelman and Julia von der Heide are introducing us to the new colour palettes while David Beger is whisking us off to suburbia. His photographic subject: the street style trends of tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue, and also that you’ll soon warm to the new trends – just like I have.

Ilona Marx


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