Issue 3/2011
Styleguide Brussels
Interview Nicola Conte


Authenticity – a term that has been used and abused in the fashion branch. Yet it is still a term that we value like no other. Or are soulless imitations your thing? As part of the contemplations made by Fredericke Winkler while pursuing this topic, the mass phenomenon of label faking collides with those of fake labels. Because, how else, argues the J’N’C writer, can we honestly complain about product piracy while the free market economy is propagating an „anything goes“ policy? Her tip: pool your strengths and stay true to yourself. After all, it’s a well-known fact that original comes from originality.

Speaking of which: Karl-Heinz Müller is someone who has been supporting and accompanying authenticity for years now. His trade show Bread & Butter is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. And although many have tried to imitate him, it is and remains the trade show that it always was: the original. Authentic labels authentically presented: like no other, Mu?ller has consistently held on to his philosophy, despite the rapid expansion of his exceptional event. To accompany our Bread & Butter birthday special the trade fair entrepreneur tells us how his life has changed over the past decade as a result of BBB.

In Brussels, the venue for our city guide, they don’t just set great store by antiques, but also by originality: a combination of vintage and avantgarde fashion are shaping the shopping scene of this city more than any other. The ubiquitous chains have yet to take over here – when it comes to both fashion and food. Instead, in the Belgian capital an original eclecticism reigns, as J’N’C editor-in-chief Ilona Marx and Du?sseldorf based photographer Andi Zimmermann were able to confirm with great satisfaction.

Nicola Conte has merged different styles and epochs in a distinctively original way. The musician, producer and DJ from the southern Italian town of Bari is the founder of the legendary Fez Collective. He started the new acid jazz movement rolling by enriching Afro-American jazz from the 60s with bossa nova and Italian film music. J’N’C writer Viola Losemann philosophised with the fan of custom-made suits about the fascination of Nouvelle Vague, the advantages of scarves over cravats and protest packaged as music.

And getting away from these musical disgressions, let’s focus on something a little closer to home: During Berlin Fashion Week, we recommend you take a daily peek at our new website We’ll be reporting live from the best fashion shows, the coolest newcomer collections and the most important parties. In case you miss something during the five action-packed days of the capital’s trade fairs, you can read up on it here!

So on that note: Stay true to yourself – and to us of course.

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Conor Clarke, Maki Galimberi, Akihito Igarashi, Nicola Righetti, Felicity Sagoe, Christoph Schemel, Christoph Voy, Andi Zimmermann

Roman Klonek, Vanessa Paulzen, Mario Wagner

Gerlind Hector, Svea Jörgens, Viola Losemann, Eva Westhoff, Fredericke Winkler


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