Issue 3/2012
Styleguide Madrid
Interview Diane Pernet


Big events are on the horizon: we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of J’N’C News. So we thought it was high time for a breath of fresh air. And you will hardly recognise our new image! New team, new format, new layout, new topics – and a new drive.
Of course J’N’C Magazine didn’t want to be left behind either: as part of the birthday celebrations our editors roamed the globe and met up with Diane Pernet, fashion icon and curator of the fashion film festival ASVOFF, in Barcelona, and with Andrea Rosso, son of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso and head of the young sportswear line 55DSL, in London. In Madrid we kept our eyes peeled for new fresh store concepts – and came across some pretty amazing examples, not just in Madrid but also in Shanghai, Berlin, New York and Paris. Where did we meet the coolest people? Perhaps in Milan, perhaps in London – we’ll let you decide for yourselves! See our current street looks from page 90.
For our fashion shoots we headed to Sweden, Britain and Berlin to find the right settings for the latest trends and most convincing fashion statements. We came up with denim, classy grunge, vibrant colours and strong contrasts. Speaking of which: contrasts is the topic of our essay ‘Fashion and Africa’ for which J’N’C author Fredericke Winkler took a closer look at the cradle of civilisation, discovering a whole new world of undiscovered fashion behind the cotton production, ethnic print and safari clichés.
And yes, we’ve already decided to continue our round-the-world trip: as part of our internationalisation J’N’C is now available from the best international magazine stores – with a German and an English edition, in the interests of increased understanding between the cultures on both sides of the ocean.
By the way: all J’N’C issues are now available from our online shop. Take a look. And if you don’t have the time to jet around the world yourself every season: we have already been there for you and will be reporting back – in the future also with additional support from international correspondents.
So on that note, take a leaf out of our book and keep moving!

 Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief



Linda Alfvegren, Nadia del Dò, René Fietzek, Amos Fricke, Axel Siebmann, Christoph Voy, Katia Wik, Andi Zimmermann

Frauke Berg, Roman Klonek, Vanessa Paulzen

Gerlind Hector, Svea Jörgens, Eva Westhoff EW, Fredericke Winkler FW




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