Issue 4/2018


We fish the plastic from the oceans to make shoes. harvest excess seaweed and algae and use the fibres for fabrics. We transform waste products like pineapple and banana skins into materials that are both sustainable and comfortable to wear. Our sweatshirts monitor our heartbeats, our windbreakers ensure that we neither sweat nor freeze, our sneakers count our footsteps and alert us when we aren't moving enough. Brave new world, indeed.

We can conjure up all kinds of utopias, but what is the real status quo in terms of high-tech materials, wearables, sustainable fashion, recycling and upcycling? What kind of an impact will the digital revolution have on the world of fashion? And will it be 2020 or rather 2030 when all these things become a reality? For our interview series, J'N'C spoke to the experts who should know. 

In our feature article, journalist and author Björn Lüdtke – founder of the online portal “How Fashion Ticks” – is highlighting the current development stage of wearables, high-tech and organic fabrics, recycling and upcycling, as well as other interesting projects from a wide range of labels and manufacturers who have chosen to make sustainability their top priority.

Also for this issue, our exclusively produced reports took us to Edirne in the European part of Turkey, where we found a surprisingly rural and idyllic scene on our visit to the Kilimdenim factory. And while we were in the country we also stopped by Inegöl, where we visited the ISKO headquarters. 

We are took a closer look at the latest denim fabric trends – beautiful and sustainable fabrics presented by Katharina Willim and Andreas Knaub. 

PLUS: Most Wanted – Our current favourite outerwear and functional pieces. Streetstyle & Sportswear – Material mixes portrayed in the style of the Old Masters. Tradeshow Special – The most important dates on the trade fair calendar. Trend Essay – Brands to watch: A Cold Wall, Arys and Snowpeak, as recommended by German fashion journalist Rüdiger Oberschür. 10 Questions – An interview with Christopher Raeburn, currently one of the most sought-after designers for collaborations.

We hope you enjoy reading this new issue,

Thorsten Osterberger & team

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