Issue 1/2012
Styleguide Montreal
Interview Tony Tonnaer


Have you noticed anything? We’ve changed! After proudly presenting our 50th issue last time around, we thought it was about time to start a new chapter and give J’N’C a bit of a revamp. And this not only applies to the look and layout of the magazine, but also to our priorities as an editorial team.

But we’ll get to that in a second: firstly we’ve switched to the more popular A4 format so J’N’C will now fit better in your bag between your papers and files. A touch smaller than before, but all the better for it. Because design agency Chewing the Sun has taken a close look at the layout – with the eagle eyes and attention to detail that we have valued them so highly for over the years. So, our City Guide, which whisks you away to Montreal this issue, is instantly more user-friendly, informative and clearly arranged – especially in combination with the Google Maps tool used to pinpoint our recommended hotspots on www.jnc-net. de.

Even more input, more information, inspiration and innovation – that is what we are aiming for in our fashion reports. We have created new sections under the headings 'Heal the World', 'Heritage', 'Handmade' and 'How We Like It', so we can find out more about our favourite brands and their ecological awareness, history, elaborate production methods or impressive trailblazing qualities.

As part of this restructuring we will also be introducing you to product innovations and manufacturing techniques that aim for a more responsible use of resources. Overall, the topic of sustainability will become a permanent fixture in our editorial spectrum.

J'N'C author Fredericke Winkler has started the ball rolling with an ethical audit of laser denim legend François Girbaud. But we are not here to point the finger; we want to encourage reflection – and above all, make constructive suggestions: that's our mission statement. And in order to achieve this, we will be organising various informal expert forums in which the industry's masterminds can discuss the things that they – and we – consider to be the most pressing issues.

But all this reflection is not going to stop us from enjoying fashion too! The best proof of this are our current fashion shoots, which are once again a testimony to the sensuality and joie de vivre that the fashion business embodies like no other.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages of thenew-look J’N’C – and wish you a fantastic startto the new season.


Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Yves Borgwardt, René Fietzek, Kate Kunuth, Lea Nielsen,Inge Priens, Andy Rumball, Felicity Sagoe, Erwin Wenzel

Ariane Irle, Vanessa Paulzen, Roman Klonek

Gerlind Hector, Eva Westhoff, Fredericke Winkler


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