Issue 2/2011
Styleguide Palma de Mallorca
Interview Véronique Leroy


In the aftermath of the catastrophe in Japan, the long-term dimensions of which we can only speculate on, it doesn’t seem quite right to be reporting on comparably banal topics like fashion and urban travel. One feels helpless in the face of the never-ending deluge of shocking news reports and images. So what can we do? Other than to think things over, remain vigilant and donate money – and to admire the Japanese, who, despite their desperate situation, display resilience and stoicism, trying, where possible, to continue their lives as normal. We can only hope for the best for the country and its severely burdened inhabitants – and for the rest of the world, which can’t just simply return to the way things were before.

Sudden change of topic: a lot has been happening here over the last few weeks. The new J’N‘C website has been online since 28 April. is not just another platform for taking a peek behind the scenes of the fashion world, but also serves as a practical tool for our readers: the cityguides from the last four years are available there, updated, in categories and linked to Google Maps. Virtual trips to Cape Town, New York, Milan, Bangkok or Istanbul, to name but a few, are now at your fingertips.

The latest addition is Palma, the city playing the leading role in this issue. A provincial town on a holiday island? Think again! Whilst being underrated and tucked away behind old churches and modern museums, projects were able to flourish here that would have elsewhere fallen victim to the mainstream long ago.

And because May is a good time for a spring clean, we have also added some fresh new features: the sharp-tongued column ‘Cheeky Tongue’ by J’N’C author Gerlind Hector, for example, and the trend pages for the autumn/winter 2011/12 season, which our enthusiastic intern Tana-Maria Schächtele has put together with great diligence.

Obviously our good old favourite features will remain: this time around, our series ‘Fashion and ...’ is taking on religion as a style-defining phenomenon – and the headscarf is by no means the only suspect.

We also met up with designer Véronique Leroy in Paris, who has a soft spot for both energetic women and gardening in Burgundy.

Another firm fixture is our photo shoot series, which has taken us from Paris to London, from Berlin to Stockholm. From now on the shots will be taking pride of place on our website too.

We hope you have lots of fun with our new products – in analogue as well as digital form!

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Dennis Fischer, John Gripenholm, Andy Rumball, Felicity Sagoe, Mikael Vojinovic, Andi Zimmermann

Frauke Berg, Roman Klonek

Silke Bücker, Gerlind Hector, Eva Westhoff, Fredericke Winkler


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