Issue 4/2012
Styleguide Hamburg
Interview Peter Jensen


Self-optimisation is one of the major topics of our times – but it’s not as if there are no strings attached: whilst the economy is aiming towards profit and growth, in our private lives the focus is on the development of our personality and own self-fulfilment.
But does it really have to be an either/or issue? Being the detail fetishists that we are, the J’N’C team has always aimed to improve on the smallest of things – to enable us to grow in the big picture. At the end of the day we simply refuse to believe in the much-cited contradiction between creativity and commercial success.
You are holding the result of our self-optimisation in your hands right now: as well as a design overhaul, aimed at helping you find your way round the magazine even better, at the end of an eventful year J’N’C has undergone another restructuring of content. In a world that is becoming more complicated by the day we want to give you a less cluttered view of things! Of course we are staying focused on the protagonists of the clothing industry and the retail trade. But beyond this we also wish to take a wider view of the topic of fashion.
And J’N’C author Gerlind Hector is getting things off to a start. For this issue she has taken a closer look at the most important international denim manufacturers and asked them about the denim trends for 2013/14. At the other, consumer end of the supply chain, Fredericke Winkler is asking how the retail trade can stand its ground against online shopping and the bigger, vertical players? Her answer: with passion of course!
… which is something you don’t have to tell Hamburg’s retailers twice: even though the Hanseats generally have the reputation of being cool, that doesn’t seem to apply to their shop owners. Faced with the vast number of fantastic shop concepts in Hamburg while putting together this issue’s Hamburg city guide, we were majorly impressed. That’s why we sincerely recommend you take a look yourselves on your next visit to the harbour city – and make sure you test our bonus recommendations!

We hope we’re on the right track with our constant desire for optimisation, and hope you enjoy reading what we have to say.

 Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief



Nadia del Dò, Neda Rajabi, Shuhei Shine, Axel Siebmann, Gulliver Theis, Gunnar Tufta

Ingo Fast, Roman Klonek,, Matthias Schardt

Gerlind Hector GH, Magdalena Piotrowski, Eva Westhoff EW, Fredericke Winkler FW




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