Issue 4/2013
Cool Cities San Francisco
Interview Nigel Cabourn


Well, have you been keeping count? J’N’C will be turning 15 next year!

The fact that we are about to reach this birthday milestone is a particular honour considering the financial crisis did not go unnoticed for us either. And what helped us through it all? First and foremost the belief that there is a readership out there who loves exactly the same things we do: texts that not only impart information, but also convey an atmosphere and mood. And images that not only illustrate, but also evoke emotions and feelings.

In order to give J’N’C the 2014 birthday blowout it so rightly deserves we have already started laying the groundwork for the celebrations. The ‘mature’ J’N’C will be bigger, more beautiful, more opulent. New facets, topics and reflections will accompany the magazine into adulthood. So once again we have protectively taken our baby in our arms and given the whole concept a onceover. As well as the visual changes made by our long-term business partners at the Wuppertal-based graphic design agency Chewing the Sun, with the inimitable, aesthetic sense of style we rate so highly, there are also a few modifications to the content: we'll be adding several new sections for our valued readers to enjoy over the next few years. Firstly there is our 'The Masterpieces' section, in which we wish to acknowledge the fact that the fashion world is now concentrating more on quality than quantity. This is where we showcase products that we think have what it takes to become the true classics of tomorrow.

We also want to take a closer, more intimate look at the protagonists of the fashion industry, which is why we are introducing a new section called 'Brands & Brains' with an emphasis on interviews. In our current issue we are also showing that we value not only the loud but also the more dulcet tones of the fashion world: we met up with the extrovert Christian Stadil from Danish sportswear label Hummel for an animated conversation at his home in Copenhagen, where his colourful personality really shone through. And during our visit to Newcastle we caught up with Agnes Kemeny, the designer for the new womenswear line at Nigel Cabourn, who really won us over with her understated approach. It was clear to see why Nigel, who recruited her for his label a few months ago, is so convinced she has a highly promising career ahead of her.

Another wish we granted ourselves in the run-up to our birthday was to become even more international. So for this issue we have not only brought correspondents Marie-Sophie Müller from New York and Oliver Horton from London on board to give us the lowdown from the global metropolises – we also took a trip across the big pond ourselves. San Francisco, the home of the five-pocket, is the focus of this issue's city special in which we are showing you the latest trends from beautiful, laid-back Northern California. Don't just take our word for it though – not only are we letting you in on our handpicked tips for the local shopping scene, but you also get to hear it directly from the mouths of those who live and work there in our full-length interviews.

But that is only a small preview of all the changes that have been going on here in the past weeks and months. See for yourselves what massive developments we have been making to our beloved publication. Enjoy reading – we look forward to hearing what you think!


Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Ricardo Abrahao, Sevda Albers, Heiko Laschitzki, Adriaan Louw, Rainer Rudolf/7Daysis­aweekend, Andy Rumball, Winter Vandenbrink, Bernd Wichmann, Andi Zimmermann

Matthias Suess

Gerlind Hector, Oliver Horton, Franziska Klün, ­Cheryll Mühlen, Marie-Sophie Müller, Magdalena ­Piotrowski, Sonja Ragaller, Fredericke Winkler




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