Issue 1/2011
Styleguide Milan
Interview Janelle Monáe


When working on our current city guide we got to witness how dreamily beautiful Milan can be on a November day, especially when viewed from the roof of the cathedral – as well as finding out that when the rain does fall in the Lombardian capital, it doesn't stop. But this couldn't keep us inside: inspired by our desire to explore and conquer the Italian fashion capital we wandered through lively quarters, made our way down sleepy alleyways, poked our noses into dark courtyards and peeked into every corner to discover and reveal the new and hidden locations of this city, which generally suffers from a somewhat conservative reputation.

At one of the few dry places of the city, the Hotel Carlton Baglioni, we met up with Luca Magni, the son of one of the hotel's owners who is also very socially committed. The charity event which he had organised that evening, which was supported and attended by Missoni granddaughter, Margherita Missoni, gave us an insight into the work of a remarkable organisation: 'O Africa' supports Ghanaian orphans as well as disadvantaged children who grow up in needy families – a fantastic initiative which we are also supporting with this issue and would also like to invite you to support. More information can be found at:

Also driven by great idealism, but first and foremost dedicated to beauty, is another group of dedicated Milanese. The six creators of independent fashion magazine 'The End' have made it their aim to peacefully revolutionise the reputation of their hometown. The magazine project has been going for the last four and a half years, set up on the side by the fashion lovers who all have other jobs, practicing the balancing act of fashion, art and underground culture.

Speaking of which: someone who has literally rocketed out from the musical underground is Janelle Monáe. Young and not exactly what one would call chatty, Mario Lasar managed to wheedle a few statements out of her for J'N'C. You can read about what Monáe thinks of musical categorisation, uniforms and her reputation as fashion role model from page 74.

Fredericke Winkler was occupied by an entirely different subject. In her usual philosophical-sociological way the J'N'C author took a closer look at the seemingly incompatible couple of fashion and mortality. Her case for sustainability and good taste, as opposed to the high-speed fashion carousel of growth and decay can be found on page 66.

We hope that our rotation speed is to your taste and that our first issue of the New Year will help you to find your way around the fashion jungle. Here's to a wonderfully turbulent but not too giddy 2011!

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Martin Bauendahl, Ben Cope, Tania Kelley, Marcus Pummer, Andy Rumball, Patrick Walter

Roman Klonek, Daniel Egnéus

Mario Lasar, Eva Westhoff, Fredericke Winkler


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