Issue 1/2017

Best of Retail, Worldwide Streetstyles, Interviews with Jason Denham & Antje Pugnat, Trendstatements



The year 2017 is starting with new challenges. Our magazine is taking a different path. As I’m sure most of you will have noticed when reading our last issue, J’N’C is now providing even more news, facts and background information about fashion and the movers and shakers behind it. In view of the increasing complexity of the fashion market, we want to delve even deeper and share even more of our fashion expertise with our readers in the future.
But fans of our popular city guides don’t need to worry: whether Milan, Munich or Marrakech – you will continue to find all the guides we have compiled over the past eleven years on our website at

And it’s not only our content that’s changing, there are also some personnel changes being made here: after almost 20 years as part of the J’N’C editorial team, 17 years of which I was editor-in-chief, I’m now moving on to new professional pastures and passing the magazine into new hands. It’s been far from an easy decision to make and I’m feeling quite sentimental as I write this: since its launch in 1999, J’N’C has come on in leaps and bounds, overcoming a number of teething problems and growing into fully-fledged maturity. I could have never dreamed that our first issue – created back then with the support of many friends – would be followed by another 66!
My goal has always been to fill a niche with J’N’C. On the one hand to pass on carefully researched expert information, and on the other to always inspire and entertain: with our international interviews, portraits of traditional denim brands and small newcomer labels, photo editorials produced in collaboration with hundreds of photographers and lots, lots more. We’ll leave it up to you to judge whether we’ve successfully managed this balancing act. One thing’s for sure, I haven’t had a single day of boredom in my job over the last two decades!

I’m incredibly grateful to all those who have supported us over the years and always believed in our magazine – especially Rainer Schlatmann and Uwe Schaufler, who took a real leap of faith in me when I was just starting out in my career. They brought me on board to get J’N’C off the ground and entrusted me to manage it from the outset. But what would the magazine be without the great team behind it, without the photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists, writers, proofreaders, translators, illustrators, graphic designers and other creatives who all collectively put their own stamp on J’N’C?

I would also like to thank these people, some of whom we have been working with for many years, for the inspiring cooperation. But now let’s get back to the present day: our current issue not only promises a selection of the most exciting international retail concepts, but is also dedicated to the latest global street style trends. You will find both from page 44. A real highlight for us was our visit to Jason Denham’s Amsterdam headquarters. His label Denham – The Jeanmaker is regarded as the fashion vanguard when it comes to jeans. From page 58 you can read all about why he considers the Dutch capital to be the centre of the denim universe and why taking risks sometimes pays off.
But it’s not just the big names that get to have their say with us. We also regularly present collections that haven’t hit the big time yet: smaller, progressive labels that bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. Like Berlin designer Antje Pugnat. The expert in sophisticated knitwear spoke to J’N’C author Gerlind Hector about the luxury of genuine handcraftsmanship, Paris Fashion Week and the inspiring qualities of rock algae.

And last but not least, let’s not forget the fashion itself. In our photo editorials, Hamburg photographer Sarah Kühl is showcasing the new unicoloured looks and Swedish designer John Gripenholm is taking us on a fashionable, sporty training session.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue, and also that you’ll remain a dedicated follower of fashion – just like me.

Ilona Marx

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