If someone had have told me a few years ago that I would be the editor-in-chief of a magazine one day, I probably would have laughed at them in disbelief. But now it’s a reality and here I am, writing this editorial for you. What it has taught me? That often things turn out very differently to how we expect – in a positive sense.

Welcome to the 75th issue of J’N’C Magazine, for which I am proudly taking over the editorial reins. To commemorate this milestone, it seemed fitting to take stock: of the retail trade, the market, the opinions and moods and the hopes and concerns of everyone involved in it. And to find out together whether things might turn out differently to how we expected. By ‘together’ I mean with interesting interview partners, inspiring personalities and you, our dear readers. Together with old and new friends and even with our ‘competitors’ who, after all, are in the same boat as us. The time has come to take a look at what the fashion industry as a whole can do better. Are we motivated by doing the right thing? Or are we motivated by our habits? The time has definitely come for a rethink, as everything needs to be adapted to the here and now over time.

We all know that change isn’t easy, especially when it comes to ourselves. But sometimes we don’t have a choice. If you don’t move with the times, the times will pass you by. So what is the status quo of fashion retail? Which direction should it be heading and why? These are all questions we have clear answers to. We are touching on some of them in our feature article ‘Final Frontier’ on page 36, reinforced by the statements provided by Germany’s key players and decision-makers. Others are showing us what possibilities there are and how to make the most of our strengths – also going beyond familiar terrain, as Zalando’s Dr Carsten Keller explains in an interview on page 74. After all, even the longest journey begins with a single step…

So on that note I would like to thank my predecessor and valued colleague Thorsten Osterberger for the fantastic cooperation, the confidence he had in me and the many laughs we shared between coming up with topics and racing towards deadlines. 

I hope you enjoy reading this issue!
Cheryll Mühlen & team

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