Issue 2/2009
Styleguide Rome
Interview Jim Avignon


Transience is a trait that seems inextricably linked to fashion; or is virtually a precondition. But despite the fact that fashions are meant to supersede one other, thank you very much, the business seems to be looking for some constancy at the moment. Everything seems to be spinning too fast, resulting in dizziness and disorientation. So it’s no wonder that one retro-trend is chasing the next and big classics like the trench and five pocket coats, pleated waists and blazers are finding their way back on the catwalk again.

That’s the reason why we’ve placed our bets on a little bit of eternity ourselves in this issue. This idea led us to Rome – la città eterna – to look at the changes that the eternal city has had to deal with over the past few years. You can see on page 20 how the past blends with the present and the future and how the Italians manage to alleviate the precarious economic situation with their brand of cheerful hedonism.

For this issue’s fashion editorial we concentrated on one of the most indestructible materials of the present: denim. Three photographers and three stylists grappled with the blue textile on our behalf in the Seychelles, Brandenburg and London. Their takes on it can be found from page 92 onwards.

But it wasn’t only visually that we got to grips with the indigo-coloured twill. In order to find out more about the recipe for success of the Dutch denim brand we met up with Shubankar Ray, the equally eloquent and charismatic creative director of G-Star in his chosen home of Barcelona. Our questions on authenticity and customer loyalty unleashed a passionate digression on developmental aid and ecological responsibilities from this trained chemist. How Ray is working with G-Star and the United Nations to reduce poverty in India and China can be found on page 86.

Also based in Holland, a country known for its progressive attitudes, is the jeans label Denham. We spoke to Jason Denham about his decision, even in times of upheaval, to hold on to tradition and combine quality not only with sustainability, but also innovation.

One factor you simply cannot rate highly enough when it comes to progress is the training of new blood in the designer field. Fredericke Winkler, who teaches at Berlin fashion school Esmod, was keen to comment on the educational situation over here. In ‘Fashion from Scratch’ she talks about the opportunities and difficulties in Germany when striving to become a designer to be reckoned with.

Trying to gauge the balance between constancy and change is one of the secrets of fashion. And it’s the recurring theme of this issue. We hope we have hit the right balance for you, and that you enjoy reading what we have to say.

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Roman Goebel, Junichi Kikuchi, Jörg Lohse, Eduardo Miera Mas, Kai von Rabenau, Marc Rehbeck, Andy Rumball, Andi Zimmermann

Roman Klonek, Matthias Schardt

Silke Bücker, Mahret Kupka, Dirk Mönkemöller, Susanne Theisen, Eva Westhoff, Fredericke Winkler


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