Issue 2/2014
Cool Cities Amsterdam
Interviews Silas Adler, Tony Tonnaer, Peter Schuitema, Fred de la Bretonière


We often forget that it’s not Amsterdam that is the capital of Holland, but the somewhat more subdued The Hague, which doesn’t come close to the dazzling brilliance of the pretty city on the Amstel River. But at least in terms of fashion it’s official: everyone is talking about Amsterdam as the ‘Capital of Denim’. And its reputation has already reached far beyond the country’s borders. Amsterdam has the highest concentration of jeans brands in the whole world and it is also way ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of design and product development too.

Meeting place for the scene: ‘Denim Days’

The most recent indication of the importance of the canal metropolis in the international jeans biz is the decision by the American denim trade fair organisers, Kingpins, to up sticks and come to ye olde Europe as well. The best international weavers, finishers and producers are meeting up on the 7th and 8th of May for the first time in Amsterdam. On the 9th and 10th of May the local trade fair Modefabriek, and its incorporated denim platform ‘Blueprint’ offer a programme for end consumers. Denim lovers can participate in workshops or watch documentary films to learn all about the indigo blue textiles. And many an indigo treasure will be changing hands in pop-up stores and at a vintage market. The entire city will be living and breathing denim – so, what are you waiting for? Amsterdam is calling!

We too heeded the call and saddled up to bring you an up-to-date overview of the coolest shops and most inspiring locations in the town, just in time for Amsterdam Denim Days. You can read up on which streets, lanes and canals you really should pay a visit, and find out who the scene’s movers and shakers are in our Cool Cities Amsterdam special.

We all know that the world of fashion also has its dark side.

Topics that continue to fascinate us are shop fitting and architecture. But it’s not just Holland that has top-notch store designs, but also London, New York and even Germany – Düsseldorf to be exact – offer a good many exciting and inspiring examples. So we are not only dedicating this issue of J’N’C to star architect Thomas Heatherwick from London. Our New York correspondent Marie-Sophie Müller spoke to the creators of Confettisystem, a duo with no qualms about combining the two worlds of shop fitting and art.

And Gerlind Hector dropped by the Düsseldorf concept store Chrystall to see what they are up to.

These are the topics we really enjoy. But we also know that the world of fashion also has its dark side: under the title ‘Sumangali – The Wedding Gift Lie’ Fredericke Winkler examines the exploitative methods used in the Indian textile industry. We certainly can’t allow ourselves to turn a blind eye to these aspects of the industry – we, who are lucky enough to live on the sunny side of life, cycling through picturesque Amsterdam and along its canals.

Perhaps then it’s no coincidence that it is the Dutch jeans experts who seem particularly keen to give something back to the world. Hardly any other national fashion companies are as environmentally friendly and go to such lengths to protect people and resources. You can find out more in our interviews with K.O.I founder Tony Tonnaer and Peter Schuitema, International Sales Director at Kuyichi.

In this sense we hope we have provided you with an equally inspiring and thought-provoking issue.


Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief

Diana Diederich, Rainer Rudolf / 7Daysisaweekend, Gunnar Tufta, Bernd Wichmann, Andi Zimmermann

Matthias Suess

Gerlind Hector, Cheryll Mühlen, ­Marie-Sophie Müller, Theresa Wachter, Fredericke Winkler



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