Issue 2/2015
Cool Cities Buenos Aires
Interviews Martín Churba, Kostüme, Cora Groppo

Gazing at New Horizons

It's certainly worth looking beyond your own horizons once in awhile. That's where the inspiration lies - as well as insights into your own situation...

Not that this is a particularly new revelation, of course. But something that should be done regularly for it to have a long-term effect. And the same goes for the world of fashion too: looking and thinking outside the box is a tried-and-tested method of confronting the malaise of the fashion industry.
This has a twofold effect: on the one hand, a change of perspective brings fresh momentum to your own personal attitude, which may have become jaded without you even noticing. And your actions, which are driven by automatic thought patterns, will be given an overhaul, resulting in new ideas and inspiration. Taking a step back, looking at things from a different point of view, in a transdisciplinary way, or simply differently has resulted in the rejuvenation of many a brand or shop concept.
On top of all that, you not only become aware of your own shortcomings but are also reminded
of what problems you don’t have. In the case of Buenos Aires that is especially pertinent: the design metropolis we had the pleasure of visiting for this issue's cool cities guide proved to be a good teacher in many respects.

A fashion biosphere that is also an experimental field for young designers

The most important lesson we learned there was
 in direct conversation with our interview partners, who are all involved in a fashion scene that is pretty unique and, for us, seems quite exotic: far beyond the world of Western fashion conglomerates, which are banned here by law, a rare breed is allowed to flourish in Argentina – a national fashion sector on which globalisation has not yet been able to exert its influence. 

That is genuinely exciting – but not without its own set of problems either. You can find out more about the richness of argentine design but also the difficulties when it comes to export issues and sourcing materials in our Buenos Aires talks from page 46. Despite this, changing perspective once in a while is definitely an activity we like to champion. after all, rethinking is a positive thing, as proven by Tobias Schröder. In conversation with J’N’C author Jemima Gnacke, the owner and company director of Khujo explains how an old leather jacket bought in New york set the ball rolling for him, and how an outerwear specialist from Hamburg ended up being the head of an entire urbanwear label sold at 1800 stores worldwide.

And before we forget: we have an anniversary to celebrate. you are holding the 60th edition of J’N’C Magazine in your hands – which seemed a good opportunity for us to ask some of our companions on this journey, our trusted clients and business partners, a few questions. Not because we were fishing for compliments, but to find out what they think about the fashion industry. We aren’t looking back at the past though, as is usually the case on anniversaries, but instead concentrating fully on the future: from page 56 you can read all about where the sector’s masterminds think the future of fashion lies as regards to retail, brands, the media and tradeshows.
So join us in gazing at new horizons – and allow us to inspire you!

Ilona Marx

Bernd Wichmann, Peter Lorenz, Leo Krumbacher, Gunnar Tufta, Christian Steinhausen, Erwin Wenzel

Frauke Berg

Gerlind Hector, Cheryll Mühlen, Jemima Gnacke


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