Issue 3/2009
Styleguide Düsseldorf
Interview Martin Margiela


We can hardly believe it ourselves. Ten years already? We only truly clocked it when we took a look at the calendar. After all, we still get just as excited about each new issue as if it were the first. Which, in the case of this issue, really is true in a sense: on our tenth birthday we’ve allowed ourselves a few cosmetic nips and tucks: we’ve given the logo and cover a rejuvenating overhaul and can’t wait to hear the reaction to our new look.

There have been a few more changes recently too, of a spatial rather than visual kind: a few weeks ago, after 17 years on the periphery, we finally moved the entire publishing house to downtown Düsseldorf. The reason is the merger with the specialist fashion magazine TM, which has been here for more than 60 years and with whom we will now be sharing coffee breaks as well as know-how.

The sweeping view of our new home from our newly acquired offices was also our first spark of inspiration after the move: why not make Düsseldorf the site for our next city guide? Has there ever been a more fitting time to check out what’s on our own doorstep? Hardly.

No sooner said than done – and what fun we had! How could so many facets of our hometown remain hidden from us locals for so long? Like an old flame who suddenly appears fresh and glamorous in her glory, the Rhine metropolis we had thought so familiar, enchanted us anew. You can see all the charming things we encountered (all over again) from page 36!

After ten years, we particularly wanted to go back to our roots, and to honour all those who have significantly contributed to our search for identity: jeans and sneakers have been our loyal companions over the past decade and, fashion-wise, continue to be an unbeatable team. We’ve put together a top ten list introducing you to our favourite jeans and sneaker brands on page 100.

While we’re on the topic of introductions: better late than never. We, the J’N’C team would like to introduce ourselves personally. The ten most important creative heads of our team, which has grown over the years, not only in number, but also in terms of coming together, are introduced on page 14 where you can read up on their talents, hobbies and habits.

You want more? You can have it! An interview for example with the J.D. Salinger of the fashion world, the invisible and aloof Martin Margiela, who was recently the hot topic of conversation in Munich at a double event – art exhibition cum shop opening – where he answered J’N’C author Silke Bücker’s questions – incognito of course! We’ve written down his statements on the topic of self-presentation during these difficult times on page 82.

We hope our jubilee medley issue is to your taste – here’s to many more years together!

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Junichi Kikuchi, Nicolas Knebel, Andy Rumball, Marden Smith, Sabrina Theissen, Christoph Voy, Andi Zimmermann

Jens Bonnke, Roman Klonek, Matthias Schardt

Silke Bücker, Mahret Kupka, Eva Westhoff, Fredericke Winkler


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