Issue 3/2010
Styleguide Vienna
Interview Bruno Collin


Why Vienna? This was a question that kept cropping up while we were planning the present issue. Somehow the Austrian capital city seems to have slipped off the fashion radar during the last few years. Anyway none of us really had much idea about recent developments in the old Kaiser city. Until now, for example, we didn’t know much about its really vibrant art scene, discovering it only as part of our city report and on an extended visit to the Viennafair.

We also hadn’t realised what a big (and exceptionally positive!) influence the German designer Bernhard Willhelm, who teaches fashion at the local Academy of Applied Arts, was having on the style of young Viennese.

Another reason to take a closer look at the city on the banks of the Danube was the contrasting mixture of historical eateries and bars that have remained unchanged over decades, and new, in part improvised, locations. The balancing act between tradition and modernity seems to be a skill the inhabitants of the history-steeped metropolis are adept in.

This is the conclusion we came to after an interview with Marlies and Klaus Mühlbauer, heirs to the traditional headwear company, who have succeeded in steering the family business unscathed through the financial crisis and successfully into the modern day. The siblings talk to us about their experiences with this risky venture from page 48.

A different accessory – a similar case: Annette Roeckl, who heads the Munich glove business bearing her name, hasn’t always had it easy since taking over the family business either. She talks about her entirely personal way of overcoming obstacles from page 72.

Bruno Collin on the other hand, the new creative director at Diesel, has joined denim veteran Renzo Rosso’s clan entirely without any family connections. The erstwhile publisher of the legendary Parisian fashion and lifestyle magazine WAD talked to J’N’C editor Andreas Grüter about his plans for the future and the brand’s DNA.

But enough words already – after all we don’t just want to discuss the theory of fashion, but also give it a direct forum: together with their teams, photographers Lado Alexi, Kai von Rabenau, Junichi Kikuchi, Benedikt Kranz and Sam Bisso have really pushed the boat out once again in order to convey the atmosphere and attitude of Vienna that we experienced in pictures.

We hope you enjoy reading and wish you all a hot fashion summer!

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Lado Alexi, Sam Bisso, Junichi Kikuchi, Benedikt Kranz, Kai von Rabenau, Andi Zimmermann

Roman Klonek, Matthias Seifarth

Eva Westhoff, Fredericke Winkler


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