Issue 4/2011
Styleguide Mexico City
Interview Rozae Nichols


Why travel to faraway destinations? … This question is constantly on our minds as we’re seeking out the locations for our city guides because, as a matter of principle, we are of the opinion that great things – undiscovered and unappreciated – can often be found directly on our doorsteps.But the best proof that leaving familiar terrain and looking beyond European borders can, however, be absolutely worth while is being provided by Mexico City – especially because, in these parts of the world, the mega metropolis is more noted for its drug and environmental problems than for its hotspots.

But Berlin author Johannes Thumfart and his girlfriend Rachel de Joode, who comes from the Netherlands, but meanwhile also lives in Berlin, found out that the city offers an abundance of notable hot spots – after staying in the Mexican capital for a whole three months. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to obtain such an overview of the contrasting, both Latin American and internationally influenced fashion, gastro, art and culture scenes. We have compiled the best of their discovery tours for you from page 23.

J’N’C author Fredericke Winkler did not travel physical distances for this issue, but rather back in time, or to the 1950s to be precise. In her essay about fashion and rock ’n’ roll she examines the influence the once revolutionary worker look of youth subcultures had on the subsequent decades – and is increasingly having again today. From page 56 you can read all about the reasons behind this trend, which has not past its prime by a long chalk.

Rozae Nichols, who author Claudia Steiner and her boyfriend, the photographer Marden Smith, met for J’N’C, lives and works in faraway Los Angeles. Hollywood is just around the corner, and yet the concentrated creativity of an artist’s atelier dominates in this designer’s studio. Provided they’re not talking about cuts and cloth samples, that is. After all, as far as quality and craftsmanship are concerned, Nichols, whose garments are also manufactured in L.A., refuses to make any compromises. And her wish for the future? More time so she can go on a proper road trip.

Influenced by wanderlust are also the runway trends for summer 2012, presented by Tana-Maria Schächtele under the headline ‘Bolt from the Blue’. Discover next summer’s holiday must-haves for your suitcase from page 64. And the corresponding photographic suggestions from our fashion editors follow from page 78.

We hope we have once again been able to whet your appetite for horizon-expanding, border-crossing experiences.

Ilona Marx, Editor in Chief


Freelance contributors

Ansgar, Roman Hayat, Rachel de Joode, Johanna Ruebel, Andy Rumball, Marden Smith, Gunnar Tufta, Christoph Voy, Patrick Walter

Frauke Berg, Thomas Henkelmann, Vanessa Paulzen, Roman Klonek

Linda Behnen, Gerlind Hector, Svea Jörgens, Julia Lauber, Claudia Steiner, Johannes Thumfahrt, Fredericke Winkler


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