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J'N'C has been synonymous with consistent fashion reporting of the highest contemporary standards since 1992. J'N'C Magazine, which has been published on a quarterly basis since 1999 and J'N'C News not only cover all aspects of fashion from a short, concise and economic, as well as an artistically aesthetic perspective, but also provide the market with editorial updates on all relevant topics.
Which is why the important dates of international trade fairs and fashion shows are just as much part of our agenda as our untiring trawling of the best ateliers, indie stores, flea markets, design factories, clubs, galleries, bars and record shops – whether in Cologne or Lisbon, in Cape Town, New York or Montreal.
After all, we're not only convinced that life writes the best stories. Experience has shown us that fashion only achieves its full potential in conjunction with other culture-relevant disciplines. This is why we also love to talk to those in the know – such as designers and fashionistas, as well as with artists, musicians, photographers, graphic designers and filmmakers.


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