Marta, Barcelona


48, Distributor

Jacket From Pakistan
Shirt  Odi et Amo
Trousers Stouls
Shoes XUZ
Cap NY
Headphones Beats

»Barcelona is more relaxed than other Spanish cities. People here like neutral colours and organic materials.«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Javier, Barcelona


35, Dancer & Fashion designer

Jacket Whyred
Pullover Benetton
Trousers Cheap Monday
Shoes Puma
Scarf Hand-knitted

»Because of the many tourists here we get to see a lot of streetwear trends.«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Laura, Barcelona


27, Illustrator

Jacket Men's suit
Satin jacket from Japan
Trousers Stradivarius
Sneakers Osiris
Dog Chusco

»In terms of fashion, Barcelona has everything you could ever wish for!«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Enrique, Barcelona


35, Creative director

Shirt Zara
Jacket  Daniele Alessandrini
Trousers Paolo Pecora
Shoes Louboutin
Bag Yves Saint Laurent
Sunglasses Ray Ban

»Street style is pretty good here in Barcelona, but when it comes to high fashion, Madrid is definitely ahead of the game!«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Natalie, Barcelona


36, Fashion Designer

Dresses & belt Natalie Capell
Boots Carmina

»I like it when people have the courage to express themselves. I wish more people would do the same.«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Olivia, Barcelona


21, Colourist

Jacket H&M
Pullover & Trousers  Vintage
Boots & Belt  Zara
Rings Vintage & my grandmothers

»Barcelona is actually quite a small city, and there aren’t that many places where cool people hang out. One of them is ‘Secret Room’ where I work.«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Yuiki Shimoji, Barcelona


26, Sales assistant Doshaburi

Jacket Natura
Trousers H&M
Shoes Vintage

»I think the concept of fashion in Barcelona is pretty modest. Lots of people don’t even understand what we are trying to do in our shop.«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Guiselle, Barcelona


37, Owner of ‘Le Swing’

Dress Vintage Céline
Shoes Vintage Willy van Rooy
Bracelet Vintage Fendi
Glasses Vintage Silhouette
Fur Vintage

»I was born in Sweden, and I love living here – but I think the best fashion is in Stockholm and New York.«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Macarena, Barcelona


40, Stylist

Fur gilet Anja Anjara
Blouse Zara
Trousers, jacket & boots Vintage
Glasses Hackett London

»I work in the fashion business, but personally I am anti-fashion.«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Alicia, Barcelona


40, Shop assistant

Jacket H&M
Pullover Vintage
Trousers Dsquared
Shoes Palladium
Glasses Prada
Bag Calvin Klein

»Compared to the rest of Spain, people in Catalonia are quite reserved when it comes to fashion. They tend to dress in one colour, but pay more attention on high quality and good labels.«



Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona

Adelfo, Barcelona


40, PR-Manager

Jacket Zara
Pullover  H&M
Trousers  Sisley
Shoes Massimo Dutti

»There are all sorts in Barcelona – from hippies to hipsters. People wearing the most expensive clothes or the most bizarre outfits. I think that’s cool!«


Tags: ISSUE 02/2013
Category: Barcelona


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