Olga, Stockholm


Olga, 17, student

Coat Weekday
Dress ASOS
Tights H&M
Shoes Vagabond

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Peter, Stockholm


Peter, 27, nutritionist

Jacket Maison Martin Margiela
Shirt Rick Owens
Trousers Nudie
Shoes Guidi

»Fashion-wise it’s a bit boring here because everyone wears the same labels and most people don’t wear much colour. I’m not much better though: although I’d like to dress more colourfully like the southern Europeans, I don't. It would just somehow feel wrong here in Stockholm.«

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Maarit, Stockholm


Maarit, 35, graphic designer

Coat Filippa K
Blouse COS
Skirt tailor-made
Shoes AGL
Large bag Vintage
Small bag 2OR+BYYAT

»I come from Finland, but our fashion isn’t that different from that of the Swedes: we all love sleek tailoring and dark colours.«

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Hampus, Stockholm


Hampus, 28, Designer Blue Highway

Shirt, trousers & braces Levi’s Vintage
Shoes Grenson
Cap Mister Freedom

 »I think there are lots of different styles here in Stockholm. Instead of trying to belong to a certain one, the people here just do their own thing.«

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Henrik, Stockholm


Henrik, 28, owner of the creative agency Meraki Studio

Jacket & shirt Acne
Pants Alexander Wang
Shoes Eytys
Watch Rolex Submariner ProHunter

»The swedes are at the forefront of European minimalism.«

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Kalle and Kristian, Stockholm


Kalle, 35, co-owner of fashion store Aplace

Pullover Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Shirt Marni for H&M
Trousers Acne
Shoes Our Legacy

»We are seeing a shift away from denim heritage to a more sporty 90s look.«


Kristian, 31, co-owner of fashion store Aplace

Jacket A.O.CMS
Shirt Aplace Monochrome
Sweater Acne
Trousers Henrik Vibskov
Sneakers Adidas
Cap Aplace

»Everyone wears a kind of uniform – but it's a good uniform!«

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Jasmine, Stockholm


Jasmine, 22, sales assistant

T-shirt Helmut Lang
Trousers Rick Owens
Shoes Ann Demeulemeester

»People don’t like you to see the effort they’ve put into their outfits.«

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Manne and Nisse, Stockholm


Manne, 31, writer

Jacket Cantarelli
Shirt Our Legacy
Trousers Vigano
Shoes Alfred Sargent
Glasses Persol
Bag Filson

 »People are very aware of their appearance here, which has both an upside and a downside.«

Nisse, 34, radio host, modern media

Jacket, shirt & scarf Rose & Born
Trousers Filippa K
Shoes A.P.C.
Glasses Ray-Ban

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Oscar, Stockholm


Oscar, 22, musician

Shirt  Madcap
Everything else Vintage

»My styling tip is: Steal everything from the girls!«

Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm

Asa, Stockholm


Åsa, 38, sales

T-shirt, trousers & shoes Hope
Watch Casio
Necklaces from her childhood

»The people here in Stockholm are very conscious of what they wear. That means it’s really easy to recognise us by our clothing when we’re abroad.«


Tags: ISSUE 04/2014
Category: Stockholm


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