Alice, Paris


18, Student

Cape: Bon Point
Pullover: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Skirt, Stockings & Boots: Vintage

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Helene and Sonia, Paris


Helène 15, Pupil

Jacket: Sessún
Pants: April 77
Glasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Fred Perry
Shoes: Charles Jourdan

Sonia 15, Pupil

Jacket: Marc Jacobs
Pants: Cheap Monday
Bag: American Apparel
Shoes: Underground

»We don’t like technoid people!«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Ida, Paris


25, Sales-Assistant

All: Vanessa Bruno

»I love the fashion in Paris, but I miss the ocean and the forest!«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Pascal, Paris


21, Dancer

Jacket & Pants: Adidas
Pullover & Sac: American Apparel
Cap: H&M
Shoes: Asics

»I don’t come from Paris and I’m thrilled by the city. I love the fashion here, the literature and the good food!«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Sarah-Linh, Paris


20, Student

Coat: Lemaire
Belt: Boyfriend
Boots: Vintage


Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Blaise, Paris


20, Sales-Assistant

Pullover: Sonia Rykiel
Jacket & Pants: Isabel Marant
Belt: Hermès
Shoes: Gucci

»The people are a bit weird here. Pretty arrogant and not as friendly as in London or Barcelona.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Spoek and Sibot, Paris


Spoek 22, Rapdancer at Playdoe

Hoodie: Crazy Cloud
Pants: from Johannisburg
Glasses: Claudio Calatti
Shoes: VOX

Sibot 27, DJ / Producer Playdoe

Jacket: Nike
Jacket below & Shoes: Adidas
Shirt: Mutheerland / South-Africa
Pants: Levi’s
Glasses: Cazaf
Watch: Casio
Cap: Vintage

»We’re finding it hard to relax in Paris. The city is overpopulated and what also disturbs us is the surveillance by the police and the state. The food isn’t too exciting either. You can only eat really well here if you’re rich. The one thing I have to give the French is their cheese. It really is fantastic.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Sipty, Paris


35, Costume Designer at Mogador-Theater

Pullover: Tommy Hilfiger
Coat & Jeans: Vintage
Scarf: Sisley
Cap: Benetton
Bag: Gaultier

»What fascinates me about Paris is that you can do whatever you want here, at any time of day or night!«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Ellen, Paris


21, Sales-Assistant

T-Shirt: Ted Baker
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Jacket & Boots: H&M

»I originally come from Sweden and I especially enjoy hanging out in Parisian bars and cafés.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Cécile, Paris


48, Communication Consultant

Dress: Pierre Matard
Coat: Zara
Scarf: handmade
Gloves: H&M
Bag: Gerard Darel
Boots: Hein Gericke

»You meet people from all over the world here! But it’s all very fast-paced so it’s quite exhausting.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Minako, Paris


30, Seller

Pullover: Eva Blut
Dress: Vintage
Scarf: Raf Simons
Shoes: Rosa Mosa

»I'm from Tokyo, but have put down my roots here because of love. The city is beautiful, but I could live anywhere as long as my friends and family are close by.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris

Manuel, Paris


18, Student at the Art & Business-School

Sweater & Jeans: April 77
Pullover: Agnès B
Cap: Volcom
Sneakers: KEDS

»I come from Bordeaux and I am thrilled by the high cultural standards here in Paris. There are loads of really good concerts here. The only thing that isn’t as good as back home is the weather.«

Tags: ISSUE 01/2008 Paris
Category: Paris


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