Riikka, Helsinki


24, Student Creative Education

T-Shirt: Fleamarket
Skirt: Customized – old Armypant
Leggings: My Friend
Scarf: Arabic Scarf
Shoes: Converse
Glasses & Bag: H&M

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Kim, Helsinki


23, Painter

T-Shirt: H&M
Sweater: J&C
Pants: Selected
Scarf: Arabic Bazaar
Shoes: Dinsko
Belt: H&M
Bag: Puma

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Pekka and Maja, Helsinki


Pekka 23, Student Economics

Pullover: Diesel
Jeans: Nudie
Shoes: Vagabond
Bag: Kaino
Hat: Inside

Maja 23, Seller at Marimekko

T-Shirt: Acne
Jeans: Tiger of Sweden
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Marimekko

»Although the city is small, there are lots of different scenes. So it's perfect!«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Katrin and Dirk, Helsinki


Katrin 25, Student Fashion and Intern at IvanaHelsinki

Dress: Paolo Casalini
Shirt: Filippa K
Leggings, Jumper & Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Grandma
Other Bag: IvanaHelsinki

»People here are really genuine and open, much less arrogant than in the bigger cities. I also like the fact that there are a lot of fashion conscious men here.«

Dirk 25, Student Fashion at TaiK

T-Shirt: Burton
Pants: Irie Daily
Scarf: from London
Sneakers: Adidas
Backpack: Volcom

»It's not far from the country here. Perfect for switching off over the weekend.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Antti, Helsinki


Antti 25, Designer

Jeans: Cheap Monday
Jacket, Shirt, Shoes & Hat: Vintage
Comb: own Design

»I find the fashion here less conventional and more individual than for example in Stockholm. But Helsinki could do with more shops stocking young Finnish labels. The thing that really gets on my nerves are all the drunks who hang around my neighbourhood.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Marcus and Claudia, Helsinki


Marcus 17, Student

Jacket: Carlings
T-Shirt: from Sweden
Pants: Energy
Shoes: Circa

Claudia 16, Student

Pants: Cheap Monday
T-Shirt: Carlings
Scarf: Dior Vintage
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

»We love the nightlife here. There are loads of places to chill. The best are the American Vintage Car rallies on the first Friday of every month.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Sini, Helsinki


31, Journalist

Pants: Diesel
Grey Jacket: Gosha
Black Jacket: Vila
Blouse: from Italy
Necklace & Bag: Marimekko
Shoes: Vagabond

»There's a special kind of atmosphere in the city, created by the kind of people here and the countryside around.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Katri, Helsinki


22, Student Photography

Jacket: Lindex
Skirt: Zara
T-Shirt, Stockings & Bag: Vintage
Shoes: H&M

»Helsinki may be small and cosy but you get everything you need here. And I love the architecture!«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Yuzi, Helsinki


37, Artist

T-Shirt & Sweater: H&M
Pants: Wrangler
Shoes: Converse
Scarf: Arabia
Belt: Old Rope

»People here are really down-to earth, and can be quite gruff! But I still like them. But I hate the winters here, they are really hard to deal with. I always travel at this time of year.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Aapo, Helsinki


31, Comic-strip artist

Suit: Vintage
Jacket: Terinit
Shoes: Karhu

»You notice the Swedish as well as the Russian influences in the city; that's what makes it so special. I also like the fact that they're not so fashion conscious here. Comfortable and practical is a priority.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki

Elle, Helsinki


15, Pupil

Shirt: Mum
Jacket: Centro
Scarf: from Egypt
Short: Dickies
Shoes: Ed Hardy
Leggings: Vintage
Bag: Grandma
Hat: Schoolyard
Bike: Jopo

»Everyone knows everyone here, I like that. Also I love Helsinki's architecture.«

Tags: ISSUE 4/2007, Helsinki
Category: Helsinki


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